How Imagine, to expore Sumba

For those who love magical scenery related to trust of animism-Marapu, Sumba is the most appropriate choice. Imagine, megalithic graves in the village of Praiyawang-Rende, Lai Tarung village in West Sumba, and in some other traditional villages on the island indicate Sandalwood Island to have a number of mysteries.

Surely, odd thought of what force belonged to ancestors of Sumba that time to build a number of thick and towering stone graves. Not only rectangular piece of stones, but they were established to resemble a tall tower. This portrait impresses as if there were mysteries that the end of life of people of Sumba must be confronted to the Lord and their spirit are protected by covering with thick stone grave.

Beautiful Sumba Ikat Weaving. Photo : Ist

To view the old cemetery is not difficult. Even in Waingapu East Sumba, not far from Hotel Merlin, at the central town, megalithic graves with nuance of old village can be enjoyed in Kampong Raja-Prailiu village. The same scenery can also be felt in Kampong Tarung Waikabubak-a settlement with indigenous communities of Sumba in the central town Waikabubak.

Reaching the island of Sumba is not as complicated as imagined. Air transport is so easy to access both connecting flight Denpasar-Jakarta-Denpasar-Waingapu or Tambolaka.

Sumba can also be reached easily from NTT provincial capital city Kupang through flight route Kupang-Maumere, Waingapu-Kupang, Kupang-Tambolaka, Kupang-Ende-Tambolaka or Denpasar-Labuan Bajo-Ende-Tambolaka-Denpasar, v.v. Some flight companies such as  NAM Air and Wings Air are ready to bring visitors landing at the land of Marapu.

Land transports by travel services/rental cars can reach 4 capital cities in Sumba which have a number of offered tourism panorama. Hotels and facilities are also available in Waingapu and Tambolaka Waikabubak and ready to pamper visitors.


Sumba Island well known of its megalithic, traditional village dan spectacular beaches. Many Tourism Object and can be visited in Sumba Timur Regency. Here are some of amazing destination that you can find in this area

Sumba charm is more complete and certainly a magnet for Sumba when combined with visiting several centers of industries of ikat weaving Sumba that is usually displayed around the village. In general, color motifs and symbols seen in the woven cloth that cannot also be separated as symbols engraved on the tower of the old cemetery of megalithic, such as human symbols, dragon, chicken, gongs, etc.

Being bored with magical things, visitors can see performances of West Sumba Pasola which is full of exoticism and attractiveness. Pasola is an attraction of riding horse war that shows youth Sumba holding wooden spear and thrown to his opponents. This activity is part of a series of traditional ceremonies of Sumba people routinely performed in February and March in some locations for example in the regions of Wonokaka and Kodi Balaghar.

Sumba Island also offers amazing marine tourism, such as Nihiwatu beach panorama in West Sumba is one of the best beaches in the world version. Nihiwatu is an exotic white sand beach with its wave rolls is perfect for surfing. Besides the charm of the beach, Nihiwatu Resort that becomes one of the best resorts in the world is increasingly attract foreign guests of the elite class.

The other beach located in Southern part of Sumba Island is Tarimbang Beach in East Sumba regency. The white sandy beach is also ready to pamper you to bask while seeing much view up to the ocean. For suffers who want to surf in high sea waves as if they were invited to sleep on the swing of offshore while staring at towering cliffs. Expensive Panorama is only reached for 3 hours from downtown Waingapu.

Tanggedu waterfall in Sumba. Foto : Ist

In East Sumba you can explore Walakiri beach is located in the Village of Watumbaka, Pandawai sub-district, about 24 km from the Capital City Waingapu East Sumba. The beach is a very nice place for recreation and relax and to enjoy sunrise. The activities that can be done in this beach are photography, picnic, to activate water sports and see sunrise.

There are also Stone grave -Pau Rende is reachable in about 20 minutes by car from Waingapu. This grave represents an interesting part of Sumbanese people’s history and hence it offers you unique opportunity to study their past.

For those who want to enjoy the beach,Tarimbang beach is a white sandy beach located in the south of Waingapu. Its clear and calm water makes it an ideal spot for swimming n surffing. There have been so many visitors coming here for holidays.  

Kantor Pusat Kopdit Pintu Air. Foto : Fortuna

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